Pro-Active Conveyance Team

P-ACT offers a transport service for people experiencing mental disorder who are in need of conveyance for treatment in psychiatric hospitals. We aim to provide an immediate service in the local area and our offices are situated around twenty minutes from Leeds, Barnsley, Wakefield, Doncaster, North Yorkshire, as well as being around thirty minutes from Sheffield, Harrogate, York and Rotherham. We will both support repatriation to local hospitals and also transport people to access the right type of service for them out of area.

About Us

P-ACT is a unique company designed to provide a specialist service solely for the conveyance of people detained under the Mental Health Act, either from community settings, police stations,  136 suites and through hospital to hospital transfer. Our mission is to ensure the safe and speedy conveyance of detained patients in a manner that preserves their dignity and which empowers them as much as possible in the process. The company was developed by people with extensive background history of working with clients who have a variety of mental disorders and we are extensively trained in engagement of people presenting with psychological illness. Unlike conventional NHS transport that is more often used for the conveyance process, our staff members are also trained in the management of violence and aggression, as well as NFPS and GSA restraint. However we have the knowledge, confidence and expertise to recognise the signs of aggression and utilise the necessary de-escalation techniques to ensure that physical contact is always minimal. We believe that active communication is vital in completing the successful transportation process.


Between 2017 and 2018 there were 49, 551 detentions under the Mental Health Act in England.

Following further research on this it was noted that repeated detention was not a significant factor in the rising figures. This means that there is an ever increasing number of people being detained under the Act.