Meet The Team

Darren Richardson

Darren Richardson has worked with people with enduring mental illness for over twenty years and he is a qualified Social Worker, Best Interests Assessor and Approved Mental Health Professional, as well as a Practice Teacher for social work students. He has supported the detention of people within the realms of the Mental Health Act for almost ten years in a registered social work capacity and he firmly believes in the values underpinning respect, dignity and empowerment. Darren has a clear awareness of the challenges within the conveyance process and the company was developed as a means of avoiding the need for police as much as possible, which based on his own experiences, can at times be very time consuming and distressing for the client.

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Graham Brierley

Graham Brierley has extensive working knowledge of children and young people with enduring mental disorder and behavioural difficulties. He has worked with young people who have experienced exclusion and supported them to re-integrate into successful peer groups. He has worked within schools and voluntary organisations, as well as residential units supporting young people with a variety of problems and he has the ability to engage people on all levels. Graham is very grounded and community focused and he has also owned his own boxing gym for many years, teaching children and young people in his local area about the positive influences of exercise and how it contributes to mental wellness.

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Donna Richardson

Donna Richardson is a qualified social worker with extensive background knowledge around mental health. She has worked with a variety of people experiencing different mental health conditions including learning disability, memory impairment and a number of dementia illnesses. She also has experience of working with people who have enduring psychotic illness such as schizophrenia and bipolar affective disorder. She is able to engage with people on all levels and she is skilled in the use of de-escalation and diversion techniques.

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Carly Fox

Carly Fox has history of working with people who have enduring mental health problems, although her years within the customer services and accounts sector have greatly enhanced her active communication skills. She is a highly valued member of the team at P-ACT and she helps to keep things ticking over behind the scenes, whilst also ensuring that any queries you may have are answered directly on the telephone. Her networking and marketing skills are second to none and she is a highly valued and respected member of the team.

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