About Us

With the still recent changes to the Mental Health Act, whereby people are no longer to be accommodated within police stations and police vehicles are no longer to be used for transport; there has been additional pressure on the health service for the provision of conveyance support. This has led to increased waiting times for ambulance support and further increases the risks associated with detained people experiencing distress, due often having to wait for hours before they can be taken to the nominated place to receive the care that they need.

Our aim is to cut the waiting times for NHS transportation and in turn reduce the stress caused to the client and all people involved, particularly when a person has been detained under the Mental Health Act and is at home or in an unfamiliar environment awaiting conveyance. We have fully trained staff with extensive knowledge of working with people experiencing mental disorder, managing violence and aggression and using de-escalation and diversion techniques. 


Our staff members and vehicles use active CCTV to promote a transparent and accountable service as well as providing reassurance to clients that they are safe in our hands.

It is clear that there is an increased need for conveyance services and that the Ambulance Service is struggling to meet the needs of mental health services, due to them having to carry the weight of emergency transport services as and when required. P-ACT aims to reduce the waiting times that people in psychological distress have to wait, whilst also removing some of the burden from emergency services.