Why Choose P-ACT?


P-ACT offers a unique operation in that unlike many other services, we work solely with people experiencing the effects of mental disorder. Our aim is to provide an immediate service in the hope of preventing clients from experiencing unnecessary emotional and psychological distress. We will collect people from any environment; be it their own home, hospital environments, police stations or 136 suites and transport them safely to the chosen destination.


P-ACT ensures that its staff members have the necessary training and knowledge, not just in the conveyance process, but also in the challenges faced by people who experience mental health crisis.  The team is trained in mental health awareness and all members have experience of working with people experiencing emotional and psychological distress. We are also extensively trained in managing violence and aggression, as well as control and restraint techniques.


P-ACT is dedicated to ensuring that a portion of all profits made are re-integrated into community services, with the aim of reducing the number of people being admitted to hospital for the purpose of assessment and treatment. We believe that supporting people to cope with mental disorder at the right time can greatly aid recovery and reduce the likelihood of deteriorating mental health. By using us you would be helping local communities to better support their residents, which in turn will reduce the effects of already strained public sector services.


Our team wear body cameras for the safety of the client in order to ensure transparency and accountability from the minute our intervention begins; right through to when the client is delivered safely to the chosen destination. All vehicles are equipped with dashboard cameras in order to promote the safety and accountability of the people who use them.


P-ACT covers both local and out of area transfers and we work day and night. We offer a knowledgeable, reliable and highly professional service by people who are confident in their ability to safely convey detained patients in a calm, assertive and friendly manner which in turn makes them feel safe. We are prepared to travel to where our services are needed at any time.